wolfgang tolk | studio  
wolfgang tolk works in the midst of a balance between two worlds of expression, design and visual arts. at the basis of his work are the highest possible aesthetic and ergonomic standards. as a designer, his intention focuses on both form and function, combined with a skeptical attitude to dogmatic appearances of any sort.
his concepts are minimal and reduced, almost sculptural with sensual qualities, and they bear witness to an unconventional approach to the material used, which often leads to interesting surprises.
in 1996 he founded the independent studio in accordance with these principles. the main aspects of its work deal with the creation of new products in furniture design. the studio takes on tasks related to the area of objects, and solutions are found just as they are in the quest for emotions and interactions. the aim is to find new paths and to direct the work of visual arts as closely towards human life as possible, mostly as a free play in an experimental sense.
following this credo, studio tolk acting in consulting function for art projects, exhibitions and curating work. also the studio developes concepts in interior and exterior area.
requests under mail@studio-tolk.com

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